Role Introduction

The RWA (Real World Asset) investing process involves two primary stakeholders, each with its distinct set of responsibilities and actions:

SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle)

  • Short Definition: An SPV is a separate legal entity created to fulfill a specific or temporary objective. In the context of RWA investing, SPVs are often used to isolate financial risk.

  • Responsibilities:

    • Initiating and managing projects on Joltify.

    • Communicating with the Joltify Community regarding project updates and returns.

    • Ensuring compliance with all regulatory and platform-specific requirements.

    • Borrowing assets from investors based on agreed terms.

    • Paying back investors' principal and accrued interest punctually.


  • Short Definition: Individuals or entities that commit their funds or assets to projects with the expectation of potential profit.

  • Responsibilities:

    • Understanding the terms, conditions, and risks associated with each investment.

    • Monitoring their investments and staying informed about project updates.

    • Participating in decision-making processes (e.g., voting).

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