Introduction To JOLTIFY


JOLTIFY is a unique, custom-built, Cosmos based blockchain technology that aims to bridge real world assets to the decentralized finance world.
JOLTIFY is designed to amalgamate the immense amount of liquidity in the crypto world to real world financial assets. Thus creating seamless synergies between the DeFi and traditional finance world.

Terminologies In JOLTIFY

DeFi: Short for Decentralized Finance. It is a blockchain-based form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as banks, and instead utilizes smart contracts on blockchains.
SMEs: Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.
IFC: The International Finance Corporation.
ICC: International Chamber of Commerce.
NFT: Stands for a non-fungible token (NFT). It is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger.
SPV: Short for Special Purpose Vehicle. A special purpose vehicle, also called a special purpose entity (SPE), is a subsidiary created by a parent company to isolate financial risk. Its legal status as a separate company makes its obligations secure even if the parent company goes bankrupt.
AO: Asset Originator.
PPA: Power Purchase Agreement.
NFT Creator: The SPV which wants to raise the funds in the JOLTIFY.
NFT Owner: The person or entity who possess the NFT.
NFT Buyer: It can be the investors who want to invest in the NFT at the beginning or during the whole project period before the maturity date or the SPV who buys back the NFT.