Discord Role Claim

For each Discord role, a corresponding number of points will be assigned. This system ensures that users are rewarded based on their specific roles within the community, reflecting their contribution and participation levels.

"Galxe/Zealy" -> 1,500 points

"Testnet Contributor" -> 1,800 points

"Early Adopter" -> 2,000 points

"Luminary Jolter" -> 1,800 points

"Vanguard Jolter" -> 2,500 points

"Ambassador" -> 3,200 points

"Twitter Follower" -> 100 points

How to get different roles?


Testnet Contributor

  • Requirements

    • Open tickets to suggest improvements or report bugs in the testnet. If the issue is confirmed or the suggestion is adopted, you will be assigned the "Testnet Contributor" role.

    • Help other community members with testing and answer their questions.

(Ended) Early Adopter

(Ended) Luminary Jolter

  • Requirements

    • Community level: Reach level 32.

    • Invite tracker: Have 5 successful invites.

(Ended) Vanguard Jolter

  • Requirements

    • Attain the Luminary Jolter role.

    • Community level: Reach level 38.

    • Invite tracker: Have 15 successful invites.

(Ended) Ambassador

  • Requirements

    • Invite tracker: Have 80 successful invites.

    • Open a ticket to apply for the Ambassador role. Ambassador applicants are required to provide a self-introduction in their ticket submission.

  • Notes

    • Priority given to those who can communicate in languages other than English.

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