Get Ready

To participate in the Joltify Testnet Campaign, users are required to obtain their "jolt-address" and request test tokens.

1. Obtain your "Jolt-Address" with the Keplr Wallet

Users are required to obtain their jolt-address to participate in the testnet campaign.

Steps to get jolt-address

  1. Download the Keplr Wallet extension from the Chrome Web Store.

  2. Create new wallets or Add existing wallets to the Keplr Wallet.

  3. Visit the Joltify Testnet and Approve the connection in the Keplr Wallet.

  4. Enable the visibility of the Joltify Testnet network in the Keplr Wallet.

    1. Go to "Settings" -> "General" -> "Manage Chain Visibility".

    2. Search "Joltify Testnet network" by typing JoltDev3.

      1. The Joltify Testnet ChainID is JoltDev3.

    3. Tick the box to enable the visibility of the Joltify Testnet network on Keplr.

  5. Copy your jolt-address.

    1. Open the Keplr Wallet extension.

    2. Click "copy address".

    3. Search for "jolt" (bookmark the Joltify Testnet network).

    4. copy your jolt-address.

Users can also watch the demonstration video for step-by-step guidance.

2. Request Test Tokens

  1. Send your jolt-address in the #faucet channel to claim your test tokens.

Note that, each discord account can only request test tokens once.

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