Notation Explanation

There are three pivotal pages for RWA investing:

For a better understanding of the RWA project investing process, we've provided explanations for the notations used on each page.

The "RWA" Page

The ”RWA“ page showcases basic details of all listed RWA projects. Specifically, each RWA project provides the following information:

  • SPV Name: displays the name of the project.

  • Investment Capacity: represents the specific asset and its corresponding amount sought by the SPV.

  • Asset Maturity: denotes the duration for project completion.

  • Target APY: specifies the highest Annual Percentage Yield (APY) provided by the project.

  • My Invest: reflects the total investment of the current account in the chosen project.

The "Project" Page

The ”Project“ page offers both a general overview and a deeper dive into the specifics of the chosen project, broken down into two primary sections:

  • Project Details: This section provides a succinct overview of the project's main attributes and metrics.

  • Project Introduction: Here, you'll find a comprehensive introduction to the project, explaining its objectives, scope, and other relevant information.

Within this project, there are two pools: the -junior pool and the -senior pool. Below are the notations and their respective explanations for each pool:

  • Pool Name: displays the name of the pools.

  • Pool Status: provides the current operational status of the pool. The possible statuses are:



    • ACTIVE

    • PoolPayPartial


    • FROZEN

  • APY: represents the Annual Percentage Yield for the respective pool, indicating the returns on investments.

  • My Invest: reflects the amount an individual has invested in that particular pool.

  • Target Completion Percentage: shows the proportion of assets raised that have been borrowed. The calculation for the target completion percentage is Invested AssetsInvested Assets+Committed Assets\frac{Invested\ Assets}{Invested\ Assets + Committed\ Assets}.

The "Personal Investment" Page

As shown on the "Personal Investment" page, personal information and operational buttons are organised into five distinct sections. These sections are:

Pool Details

  • APY: represents the Annual Percentage Yield for the respective pool, indicating the returns on investments.

  • Raised Amount: specifies the cumulative sum of assets that users have deposited into the pool.Raised Amount=Loaned Amount+Total Committed CapitalRaised\ Amount = Loaned\ Amount + Total\ Committed\ Capital

  • Pool Target Amount: denotes the maximum investment capacity of the pool.

  • Pay Frequence: illustrates the interval between payment rounds. Before the onset of the succeeding payment round, two primary tasks are carried out:

    • Updating the interest that can be claimed.

    • Handling requests for ownership transfers.

  • Loaned Amount: conveys the volume of assets that the SPV has currently borrowed from the pool.

  • Reserve Factor: denotes the portion of the accumulated interest allocated to the Joltify chain for the "Buyback-burn" mechanism.

  • Loanable Funds: shows the volume of committed assets that have not yet been utilised or processed.

  • Project Loan Tenure: represents the duration of the loan taken by the project.

My Details

  • Outstanding Interest: represents the sum of interests that have accumulated and will be disbursed in the forthcoming payment round.

  • Claimable Interest: specifies the volume of interest currently available for the user to claim.

  • Next Interest Payment: displays a countdown timer, indicating the time remaining until the next scheduled payment round.

My Investment Summary

  • Total Amount Invested: represents the total volume of assets that the SPV has borrowed from your investments.

  • Linked NFTs: displays the NFTs users have received in relation to their investments, serving as a digital representation or certificate of users' investment activities.

Transfer Window

  • Deposited (Investment): denotes the volume of committed assets currently in queue, awaiting transfer into the investment pool.

  • To Be Executed (Investment): specifies the amount of committed assets slated for transfer into the investment pool during the upcoming payment round.

  • Deposited (Redemption): represents the total of invested assets that are lined up, ready to be withdrawn or transferred out of the pool.

  • To Be Executed (Redemption): highlights the volume of invested assets scheduled for withdrawal or transfer out from the pool in the next payment cycle.

Withdrawal Proposal

  • Project Due Time: is the time that the pool dues.

  • Time Windows: indicates the time period that users can send withdrawal request.

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