Investor Guideline

Pool Section

To begin your investment journey, follow the steps below to select a desired pool created by the SPV:

  1. Accessing the RWA Page: Click the "Investments" button to directly access the RWA page.

  2. Choosing a Project: On the RWA page, click your desired project to enter its individual "Project" page.

  3. Pool Selection: Within the "Project" page, choose one of the available pools to commence your investment.

Once a pool is selected, you'll be directed to a detailed page displaying information and options related to your chosen pool (in Figure 2).

On the detailed investing page, users are presented with five actions to facilitate their investment activities: INVEST, WITHDRAW, CLAIM, TRANSFER OWNERSHIP, and SUBMIT WITHDRAWAL PROPOSAL.

The "INVEST" Button

Before investing

For first-time investors in the pool, clicking the INVEST button will guide you through the following essential tasks:

  1. Link your Google Account.

  2. Pass the KYC.

  3. Sign Investment Agreement.

Once the above tasks are done, the user needs to wait for the SPV to grant you permission to invest.

In the Joltify Testnet, as long as users sign in with Google, they can begin their investments.


After receiving the investment permission from the SPV, the user can click the INVEST button again and input the desired amount to invest.

As a result, the Raise Amount and Loanable Funds in the Pool Details section, along with the Committed Capital in the My Details section, increase based on the deposited amount.

The "WITHDRAW" Button

The user can withdraw the committed assets by clicking the WITHDRAW button and inputing the desired amount.

As a result, the Committed Capital in the My Details section decreases based on the withdrawal amount.

Moreover, the withdraw function works for three types of assets:

  1. Newly committed assets.

  2. Asset transferred out from the pool through the TRANSFER OWNERSHIP function.

  3. Asset repaid by the SPV.

The "CLAIM" Button

To claim the interest accumulated from the previous payment rounds, the user simply clicks on the CLAIM button to receive the claimable interests.

As shown in Figure 10, 975.4782 USDC can be claimed by the user.

Please note that the accumulated interests can only be claimed when the SPV makes the interest payments.


The function TRANSFER OWNERSHIP is a unique functionality provided by the Joltify to help users withdraw their invested assets from the pool before the pool due time.

The below two figures (Figure 11 and 12) present the effect of the ownership transfer for the user's invested assets.

As shown in Figure 11, the user has 249,960 USDC invested into the pool. Moreover, the Transfer Window section shows that there is 55,605 USDC committed to be included in the pool to gain interests and there is no invested assets requesting the ownership transfer.

Once the user clicks the TRANSFER OWNERSHIP button, 249,960 USDC will be taken into the ownership transfer process. The TRANSFER OWNERSHIP button will then be disabled.

Once the ownership transfer request is processed, the parameters within the Transfer Window are updated accordingly.

In this scenario, given that the committed assets are fewer than the invested assets awaiting ownership transfer, the entirety (100%) of the committed assets will be classified in the pool as 'invested assets'. However, only 23.84% of the user's invested assets will transition from the pool and become eligible for withdrawal.

If no new ownership transfer requests are made and no fresh assets are committed, the 59,595 USDC previously committed by other participants will be incorporated into the pool after 5D 17H 1M 26S. Simultaneously, the 59,595 USDC, invested by the current user, becomes eligible for withdrawal. The residual amount, calculated as (249,960 - 59,595) USDC, will continue to be invested in the pool.

Once the user requests an ownership transfer, his/her committed assets will not be considered in the ownership transfer process.


The SUBMIT WITHDRAWAL PROPOSAL button is accessible only during specific time windows.

By sending the SUBMIT WITHDRAWAL PROPOSAL transaction, the SPV will then return users' invested assets before reaching the loan's tenure.

Please note that if users do not submit their withdrawal requests within the given time window, the SPV reserves the right to roll over investors' deposit into next investment cycle.

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