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Airdrop Reward Distribution

Reward Distribution

Airdrops will be distributed after the mainnet launch. The distribution ratio for each role is as follows:
  • "Galxe/Zealy" ID group: 12% of the airdrops.
  • "Testnet Contributor" ID group: 8% of the airdrops.
  • "Early Adopter" ID group: 8% of the airdrops.
  • "Luminary Jolter" ID group: 10% of the airdrops.
  • "Vanguard Jolter" ID group: 15% of the airdrops.
  • "Ambassador" ID group: 7% of the airdrops.
  • All Testnet Members: 40% of the airdrops.
⚠️ Note: “Testnet Members” includes “Vanguard Jolter”, “Luminary Jolter”, "Early Adopter", “Ambassador”, "Testnet Contributor", and Galxe/Zealy Users, even if they are not appealing to the 6 roles, they might still earn Joltify Testnet rewards for their test interactions.

How to Get Different Roles


Testnet Contributor

  • Requirements
    • Open tickets to suggest improvements or report bugs in the testnet. If the issue is confirmed or the suggestion is adopted, you will be assigned the "Testnet Contributor" role.
    • Help other community members with testing and answer their questions.

Early Adopter

Luminary Jolter

  • Requirements
    • Community level: Reach level 32.
    • Invite tracker: Have 5 successful invites.

Vanguard Jolter

  • Requirements
    • Attain the Luminary Jolter role.
    • Community level: Reach level 40.
    • Invite tracker: Have 15 successful invites.


  • Requirements
    • Invite tracker: Have 80 successful invites.
    • Open a ticket to apply for the Ambassador role. Ambassador applicants are required to provide a self-introduction in their ticket submission.
  • Notes
    • Priority given to those who can communicate in languages other than English.
Airdrop Rule Flexibility Clause: Adapting to Changing Circumstances.
We reserve the right to modify or adjust the rules pertaining to our airdrop program at our discretion, to accommodate changing circumstances or unforeseen situations. Any changes made will be transparent, ensuring clarity and fairness to all participants.