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How To Transfer The Tokens From Joltify Chain to BSC?

Transfer from Joltify to BSC

First, connect your keplr wallet and choose the Joltify chain in Keplr wallet.
If you have not added the Joltify chain to Keplr, please go to this page How To Add Joltify Chain To Keplr? Add Joltify chain first and come back for the following steps.
Choose the account you want to transfer from
Now “Connect BSC”, make sure the account you connect to is matching with account in Keplr.
What does this mean the account in BSC matches the account in Keplr?
The two accounts need to have a same private key.
You are ready to transfer the JUSD from Joltify to BSC at this stage.
After you input the amount you want to swap, click “Swap”, then click the “Approve” Button.
The Swap from BSC to Joltify Chain is done.
You can check the transaction information in two ways. One is to check the transaction information at Joltify Block Explorer, Another is to check at the **** ****BscScan Testnet Explorer.